Posted on April 4th 2024 (3 months)
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This is my keynote presentation from the 2024 CrossFit Health Summit where I explored how vigorous exercise and heat stress contribute to longevity.

Posted on December 11th 2020 (over 3 years)
Views: 76730

Dr. Steve Horvath found a way to measure biological aging – a type of "clock" – based on the methylation pattern of an organism's genome. This video primer explains the basics of epigenetic clocks, the topic of our interview with Dr. Steve Horvath.

Posted on August 25th 2020 (almost 4 years)
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Comprehensive overview: Breast milk's nutritional and non-nutritional components, and health benefits for mother and infant through breastfeeding

Posted on March 9th 2022 (over 2 years)
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Dr. Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins discuss the application of precision medicine and health technologies in slowing human aging.

Posted on June 10th 2020 (about 4 years)
Views: 73012

COVID-19 Q&A Part 2: Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. answers subscriber questions in a multi-part series.

Posted on April 7th 2017 (about 7 years)
Views: 70254

Dr. Gordon Lithgow discusses the roles of protein aggregation, iron overload, and others in the aging process.

Posted on July 20th 2022 (almost 2 years)
Views: 66830

Lifestyle factors and new technologies offer the promise of living longer, healthier lives, but is there a limit to the human lifespan? This episode explores the different theories supporting this hotly debated topic.

Posted on February 12th 2015 (over 9 years)
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Is cancer just bad luck? To some degree, yes... but there's also a very, very large environmental and lifestyle component.

Posted on March 13th 2019 (over 5 years)
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Several studies have established causation showing that sleep duration is a major determinant of insulin sensitivity.

Posted on May 30th 2023 (about 1 year)
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Heat therapy (saunas, exercise, hot baths) can enhance slow-wave sleep. This video explores exercise and heat's joint role in sleep regulation.

Posted on January 3rd 2016 (over 8 years)
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Dr. Patrick's keynote lecture at MBOG Congres 2015 in the Netherlands covers micronutrient inadequacy and Dr. Bruce Ames' triage theory.

Posted on January 3rd 2016 (over 8 years)
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Dr. Darya Rose & husband Kevin Rose discuss the benefits of meditation, seasonal eating, and more.

Posted on August 31st 2018 (almost 6 years)
Views: 45401

This short recipe video shows a fun, tasty way to eat salmon roe. Salmon roe is rich in the omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid, in its phospholipid form.

Posted on October 13th 2020 (over 3 years)
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Dr. Giselle Petzinger discusses new findings in Parkinson's disease research, emphasizing exercise's role in delaying disease progression.

Posted on November 2nd 2022 (over 1 year)
Views: 40881

When people exercise as part of a treatment for alcohol abuse disorder it reduces their volume of alcohol consumption. But why? One reason may be FGF21.

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