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Upload your DNA data and in less than 5 minutes you'll discover the most impactful genes—and what research suggests may be the most impactful nutritional and lifestyle insights specific to those genotypes.

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How it works

STEP 1: We take your data from a file that you upload.
STEP 2: We process your data through our system.
STEP 3: Your report is generated in less than 10 minutes.

The focus of the FoundMyFitness report is on the genes I believe have the greatest influence on your healthspan—and the genetic traits that carry actual consequence.

Your report will explain what each gene’s function is, how your particular genotype may affect a gene’s function, and how this may affect healthspan strategy.

Full support right now is limited to 23andMe and Ancestry. If you're considering using either service to obtain your DNA analysis, you only need to get the basic ancestry service in order to request the FoundMyFitness genetic report.

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Genetic Report

Two ways to get your Genetic Report

Comprehensive Report
What's included:
  • Circadian Report
  • Cholesterol Report
  • ApoE Report
  • Longevity Report
  • Methylation Report
  • Telomere Report
  • Fitness Report
  • Metabolism Report
  • Micronutrient Report
  • Viral Report
Ready in less than 5 minutes
Premium membership
Comprehensive Report
with Lifetime Updates
$15 /mo
What's included:
  • All Genetic Reports (see left).
  • Regularly updated with new genotypes
Also Included:
  • Members-only podcast
  • Members-only email
  • Members-only library
  • Regular live Q&A with Rhonda
  • FoundMyFitness T-shirt
DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this report is based on published SNP data and is for educational purposes only. It is important to understand that most published studies about DNA polymorphisms explain only a small part of the heritability of a trait or disease risk, and they also don't take into account how different polymorphisms may interact. In addition, many published studies do not account for environmental, dietary, microbial, medical history and lifestyle factors, which may alter the true risk for any trait or disease. You are strongly encouraged to discuss any genetic data with a doctor, genetic counselor or other health-care provider prior to making any medical decisions.