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Comments by clomas
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    Hi Rhonda, loving all the content you’re putting out there its amazing.

    I know this is an old post but I’ve been listening to the ATP science podcast for a while now, I’ve tried to look at studies but I can’t really decipher the information myself. What are your thoughts on the following statement from their website regarding this?

    “The article also confirms what we have been saying here at ATP forever is that using things like black pepper to enhance the absorption of curcuminoids to bypass the above-mentioned targets to improve bioavailability actually stops it from working. Adding Black pepper actually counteracts one of its major detoxification functions in the liver and gut. Glucuronidation is induced by NRF2 gene activation by turmeric to help detoxify things like xeno estrogens, estrogen and other pollutants, plastics etc. but black pepper blocks it so turmeric can sneak past the digestive system, mucosa and liver.”