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A new study found that people that biked around 30 miles per week because they drove a car to work had a 41% lower risk of dying from any cause, a 45% lower incidence of cancer and 46% lower heart disease risk over a 5-year period.

Walking more than 6 miles per week was also associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

This study shows an association and does not prove causation. However, the study did adjust for a wide range of health, demographic, and behavioral factors and still found the significant association between cycling and lower risk of death.

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    Death from any cause? This is so ridiculous. It does increase the risk of being killed by a car while riding a bike.

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      People riding bikes on our narrow roller coaster roads in the endless mountains of PA are taking their life in their hands. Our country roads are barely wide enough for two trucks to pass each other. There is absolutely no room for a bike lane. PA is a beautiful place with dangerous roads.

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        You’re kidding me right?

        This is relative risk vs. absolute risk …..

        Go to the study, run the numbers, your absolute risk differential of dying is 0.41%, not 41% nor 46%

        Statistical noise,

        This site was recommended as being an intelligent conversation and the first thing that greets me is an endorsement of bad science.


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          Doug is statistical noise a statement, question, exclamation or fragment? You be the math police and I’ll be the grammar police. How does that sound? Rhonda does an amazing job researching and communicating relevant information. She’s also a person who we’ve never met. Why be negative? You should look into your gut health. It might be making you cranky.
          Regards, Grammar Police Officer CB

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          Did you mean “rather than drove a car to work” ?