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Last month WHO issued a report that warned of an increase of antimicrobial-resistance and the renewed threat of bacterial infections world-wide and called for a concerted effort to develop new and better antimicrobial drugs. A new study reveals how a new type of antimicrobial substance interferes with biofilms formed by several dangerous bacteria.

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    @HeartyVegan Interestingly many essential oils have broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity as so garlic.

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      The girlfriend is an herbalist that already uses a lot of the natural edibles we gather when shes filling under the weather, her school has a big section on promoting healing and little known Anti-microbial plants beyond the basic few we commonly know. Its fascinating stuff and there is a lot of good science that is happening in their community. A lot of snake oil in some schools but hers seems legit. :)

      She reeks of garlic when shes sick, lol.

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        I’ve done a bit of research on the anti-microbial and anti-viral activities of different essential oils and there are legit mechanisms, for sure!