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So as you may know, cooking food inside a plastic bag doesn’t sound like a good idea, but some of the bags i saw online that are marketed as food-grade BPA-free plastic bags declare that the method is 100% safe.

what do you think?

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    “This is confirmed in a toxicology study published in 2011 in Environmental Health Perspectives, which examined more than four hundred and fifty commercially available plastic products used to contain foodstuffs.4,5 The investigators found that almost all of the products sampled “leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA [estrogenic activity], including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than BPA-containing products.”5 As these authors note, chemicals with estrogenic activity can cause numerous adverse health effects in “fetal and juvenile mammals,” “especially at low (picomolar to nanomolar) doses.”5”


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      BPA-free always makes me question what has replaced it. BPA-x? Does anyone know about the safety of sous vide silicone bag?