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Hey guys! Thanks to the prolific posting of many of you, there’s now a over a thousand posts on here… which is pretty awesome!

At this point, it probably makes sense to offer some ability to group some of the stories. We’ve turned on tagging… in fact, this post is itself tagged “meta”. Clicking “meta” isn’t too exciting since this is our first meta post, but in the future we’re hoping we can get more relevant tags to group things by.

Here’s a few we added really quick that anyone can (optionally) use now when they post something… brain, alzheimer’s, vitamin d, nutrition, exercise, abstract, full text, parkinson’s, technology, question, cancer, gut, diet, turmeric, obesity, epigenetics, aging, meta

Open to suggestions for new tags, especially anything that reasonably applies to any of the over 1,000 stories you can find linked here.

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    Omega-3, heat-shock, cold-shock, insulin resistance, anti-biotic aftermath, pregnancy. All I could think of on my break. I’ll check again tonight. Just listened to your latest podcast with Joe Rogan then Tim Ferriss- so much information in 5 hours!!! I need a notebook & 3 more listenings to “get” it all. Thank-you for all you do!!!

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      Tag Name: longevity / life extension , bio-technology, nootropics, performance enhancement, stem-cells, hormone therapy

      Those are all the tags I could think of.

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        Added a couple of these and a few others: sleep, nootropics, hormones, metabolism, performance

        bio-tech is pretty close to technology (which is there)… longevity / life extension is pretty close to aging (which is there), so I left those out.

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        Just uploaded a google spreadsheet with all of the existing stories that aren’t tagged… if any of you guys want to help in the effort of tagging some of the older stories you can just add them as a comma separated list on the spreadsheet. They don’t even have to be existing tags… in fact, I’m certain we’ll need to invent some new ones! The few we’ve added so far are too limited.