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Just heard the Joe Rogan podcast and there was a lot of talk about chronic inflammation in the gut and brain causing neurological disorders and autoimmune disorders. I have been reading a lot about gluten causing inflammation and I wonder if you’ve looked into gluten being a main contributor to causing these disorders?


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    My pal lives in the same apartment as I do and he’s a rabid coeliac. I thought that article interesting as to the lack of gluten being a good thing? I am forced by his condition to make sure we don’t poison him so we all eat a gluten free diet (at home). I am not sure I am seeing the benefits, but I remember reading somewhere that there was no benefit. It’s sometimes hard to sort the wheat from the chaff in these debates sometimes.

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      That’s pretty generous of you (to let a roommate dictate your diet).

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      @tjusher Yes, gluten can cause inflammation in the gut and inflammatory cytokines can cross the blood-brain barrier affecting brain function and behavior. The effect of inflammation of serotonin release is of particular importance as serotonin regulates a wide-range of cognitive functions and behaviors.

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        @rhonda FYI the premise of the article is that for optimal brain health a person should eat a max of ~80g carbs a day of any variety whatsoever.