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Hi guys, shouting out from the great lake!! I’ll make this quick. So, lately I have been doing a lot of research. I recently watched/took notes on Dr.Rhonda Patrick’s Broccoli sprout video. In it she mentioned a lot of cool things about the veggie along with other veggies within that realm. During the video, she mentioned NFR2. I paused the video and looked it up before resuming so I could get a better handle on what she was mentioning. While digging into NFR2, I found something worth questioning.

In the WIKI article I have linked with this post, it states: Potential adverse effects of NRF2 activation “Genetic activation of NRF2 may promote the development of de novo cancerous tumors[32][33] as well as the development of atherosclerosis by raising plasma cholesterol levels and cholesterol content in the liver.[34] It has been suggested that the latter effect may overshadow the potential benefits of antioxidant induction afforded by NRF2 activation.[34][35]”

So my question is: If these cruciferous veggies increase/promote NRF2. Is it bad to eat Cruciferious veggies? Or too many? Wouldn’t that mean you would want to stay away from them? I know these questions may be silly but I’m just confused. I’m sure its fine to eat them, just curious. Anyone have any answers? PS I would recommend anybody to watch Dr. R.P. video on broccoli sprouts.

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