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    Hello Dr. Patrick! I am a new huge fan of yours! I’m lucky one of my friends recommended your podcast to me just a few weeks ago and I have been hooked since! I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing and admirable! I am a pre nutrition student currently and have been very interested in health promotion and disease prevention for quite sometime. My family unfortunately has many of the preventable by nutrition diseases which is what really sparked my interest. Anyway sorry for the ramble! I was looking through these news links to see if there was anything specific to Anklyosing spondylitis-an autoimmune disorder that primarily affects the spine or as many people just look at it-a type of arthritis. My boyfriend was diagnosed with AS when he was 18 (he is 29 currently). He is able to control some symptoms through of course nutrition :) however he still has to use a biologic medication called cosentyx. This is still a very new medication and there is not much research on it. We have been trying many different natural remedies like using curcumin cutting out starchy foods (that seemed to always be a trigger), limiting alcohol, trying to get an array of phytonutrients, and many other things. But still he ends up having to use the medication. So my questions are: 1) if you’ve come across any type of nutrient pertaining information that has to do specifically with AS, 2) if he follows a good nutrient dense starchy free diet, exercises, uses the sauna and so forth do these types of medications have a big impact on the benefits he should be receiving from the above mentioned? I know how very busy you must be and know you may not get to this comment but figured it was worth a shot :) With a true admiration, Vanessa V.