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    I have yDNA and mtDNA from family tree dna. Can I get interesting data from that? or do I need to get autosomal tests which I think is their Family Finder Test.

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      I love your podcasts, they’re a mine of excellent science-based information for health-conscious wanna-be athletes ( e.g. me ). I find it need to listen to each several times to grasp the information in them.- But please please stop making them nearly impossible to download to PC.

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        I would love to use your genetic tool, but I used Family Tree DNA instead of 23andMe. Is that the only way?

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          Dear FoundMyFitness, I really do like to know your answer. But, not being an American, you talk too, much too fast for me to follow you. Pleaeaeaeaeaese let us read you speach. Janelte53@gmail.com Netherlands