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Researchers have discovered how vitamin E deficiency may cause neurological damage by interrupting a supply line of specific nutrients and robbing the brain of the ‘building blocks’ it needs to maintain neuronal health. They found that nutrients needed to build and maintain the brain can be cut by more than half, with possible implications for an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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    This is a very frustrating supplement, in just about every way you can imagine.

    1 - Vit E has 8 components. An overwhelming majority of Vit E products contain only alpha tocopherol.

    2 - High doses of alpha decrease gamma in the body. There by increasing cancer risk over the long term.

    3 - The dosages are insane. 400 IU is overkill for most people.

    4 - GOOD Vit E products have all 8 E components ( tocopherols and tocotrienols ), but are insanely rare and expensive. Also the dosages are likewise obscene. Why can’t the makers of these quality E products bring the doses way down to make it affordable?

    5 - Olive oil is supposed to have Vit E, but good effing luck finding real olive oil. More than half is fake and you don’t even know WHICH HALF! Plus the good stuff degrades rapidly in the bottle.

    6 - Has anyone done a PROPER discoid lupus study where they used complete Vit E and not just mega dose alpha tocopherol?

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      I think good sources are avocados and nuts (almonds, pecans, etc). I think most people that supplement with E are doing too much. This has bad consequences.