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Propionate is a short chain fatty acid that is normally produced by gut bacteria that consume a type of fiber called inulin. In this study, it reduced activity in brain regions associated with reward and decreased cravings for junk food. People were given a propionate-inulin ester because it releases much more propionate than inulin alone. Additionally, individuals that were given the propionate supplement consumed 10% less food.

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    There’s a paragraph in the article that I’m trying to understand

    “He added that eating enough fibre to naturally produce similar amounts of propionate would be difficult: "The amount of inulin-propionate ester used in this study was 10g – which previous studies show increases propionate production by 2.5 times. To get the same increase from fibre alone, we would need to eat around 60g a day. At the moment, the UK average is 15g.”"

    Since inulin-propionate ester is not available to the public; does this paragraph mean that 60g/day of regular Inulin Fibre Powder would have the same effect, and are there any apparent dangers with eating that much fibre?

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      Is there a particular “brand name” with this ingredient that is recommended?