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This 20-page report explains how cold shock is a type of hormesis, which is a description of a type of stress that, in the right doses, is enough to shock the body and kick off adaptive processes and response mechanisms that are hardwired into our genes, and, once on, are able to create a resilience that actually exceeds what was needed to counter the initial stimuli. Rhonda discusses how cold exposure increases norepinephrine up to 5-fold in the brain and what the temperature and duration needed to do this are, how norepinephrine has an effect on mood, vigilance, focus, and attention, how cold exposure increases cold shock proteins including one in the brain that repairs damaged synapses and in muscle prevents atrophy, how cold-induced norepinephrine lowers inflammation and pain by decreasing the levels of 3 inflammatory mediators, how chronic cold shock may increase immune cell numbers and particularly a type of immune cell that kills cancer cells, how cold exposure increases metabolic rate, the number of mitochondria, and the burning of fat, what the effects of different cold exposure temperatures and timing are on athletic performance, recovery time, and muscle mass, and the differences between various types of cold shock modalities, including cold water immersion and whole body cryotherapy.

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    How do I get a copy of this 20page report. I am a member but can’t read it

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        This cold-hot immune response explains why I no longer get colds. I used to get severe chest colds every winter until I was 14. At that time I came back from summer camp to find my mother had gotten me a dog. Once I figured out dogs need walked every day I never go sick. I live in northeastern Ohio. I also take Herring oil. I get it from Big Dee’s Horse and Tackle on the net. Ignore “For equine use only,” It is 100% pure. It needs Vitamin E added to it to prevent oxidation in the body. >than a shot a day works well. Blunts/cures cravings, too. Get your antibiotics and other medicines from these places or pet stores. Made the same way as for us.