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    Original press release - microglia, brain localised excessive arginine degradation and suppressed immune state.

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      @KickAssBrockSamson @jwilson13 The microglia in the brain are like the resident macrophages, which require arginine for immune function. It has been shown that arginine consumption is much higher in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients compared to normal elderly. This makes sense because amyloid beta plaque accumulation activated microglia (activated microglia consume arginine). This results in a positive feedback loop because activated microglia causes more amyloid beta production. Starving the microglia of arginine would prevent them from being activated and thus stop the vicious cycle. My concern is long-term effect. You are leaving the brain defenseless if microglia can NEVER become activated. It is similar to used steroids to treat inflammation. It works but with serious long-term consequences. I think that preventing the brain inflammation through other mechanisms is key here.