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a growing body of research over the past decade shows that a healthy diet—high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and unprocessed lean red meat—can prevent depression. And an unhealthy diet—high in processed and refined foods—increases the risk for the disease in everyone, including children and teens. Now recent studies show that a healthy diet may not only prevent depression, but could effectively treat it once it’s started.

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    Good Insightful post.

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      Thanks for sharing this informative post. Such fruits do help a person in fighting with depression but they are not enough to overcome the depressed situation. A person should be able to live a active life and for this they need to have a word to word conversation with their loved one about the things that bother them. Even a person can get in contact with the clairvoyant like Martine Voyance who can help them in finding the correct solution of their problem.