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Apart from Rhonda’s podcasts (which are awesome) and foundmyfitness where do you get information on nutrition/health? Given amount of information on nutrition it is hard to wrap your head around it.

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    subscribe to Consumer Lab-the gold standard

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      Obviously NIH.gov, clinicaltrials.gov and science.gov to verify studies and validate results. I also use consumerlab.com before buying any nutra and ALWAYS examine.com cause it’s awesome.

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        I enjoy some of the various reddit communities like /r/nootropics, /r/longevity, and /r/science (of course). In each case, however, it’s not explicitly focused on nutrition… but those topics come up quite a bit. Twitter can also be a source of interesting tidbits if you follow people that read actual science instead of those mass producing blogspam. In particular, following actual scientists seems to help.

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          Ari Whitten - the energy blueprint podcasts and program. He is also very science based like Rhonda.