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    I have been using a far-infrared sauna “mat” for many years (and also marketing them) and have learned some interesting information about sauna differences. Regular Finnish type sauna’s typically work at very high temperatures, up to 200 degrees. These devices have been used for many years for their health benefits and yes people do a massive amount of sweating while using them. At the same time people are in the excessive heat sauna they are heating their brain which does not seem beneficial to me. However compared to “far-infrared” saunas there are some differences: far-infrared works at much lower temperatures (about a high of 150 degrees), however….far-infrared is much more penetrating, up to 3" into the body and pulls out more contaminants and toxins than a finnish sauna, and use less electricity. Finnish sauna’s are not very efficient. They heat the air about 80% and the body 20% whereas the far-infrared sauna’s heat the body about 80% and the air 20%. If you are focusing on only high heat I think you are missing the benefits of non-finnish sauna’s for health. The product I have marketed and used for over ten years is called the Amethyst Biomat. It comes in five sizes. is portable, gets up to 158 degrees in temperature and is a licensed class 2 medical device by the U.S. FDA. It is very user friendly and you can get a massage, acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic session while lying on it, take a nap, or yes even sleep on it. namaste, rachel