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Comments by timar2
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    Interestingly,there is an extremely potent small molecule SIRT6 activator which is already part of your diet:


    “The most potent SIRT6 activator, cyanidin, belonged to anthocyanidins, and produced a 55-fold increase in SIRT6 activity compared to the 3–10 fold increase for the others”

    Cyanidin is found in high amounts in black rice, black corn, plums, cherries and dark berries such a blueberries, blackberries, black currant and black raspberries. The most concentrated sources however are black chokeberries and elderberries, both containing about 1% cyanidin glucosides (source: http://www.phenol-explorer.eu)

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      Hard to tell what is more surprising about this study:

      1) That a Mediterranean Diet with a little added lean beef is still much healthier than the Standard American Diet, or

      2) That a study funded by the beef industry comes to the conclusion that beef can be part of a healthy diet


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          It’s a shame the news release omitted the dose and timing, which of course are crucial details for making sense out of this study. So I looked it up in the paper’s methods section:

          The subjects either drank one can (350 ml) of pre-brewed tea containing ~50 mg of caffeine or took a 50 mg capsule caffeine both at breakfast and at lunch time. This is a really low dose and well below habitual caffeine intake for most indiviuals in Western societies. Moreover, giving the timing, it should hardly come as a surprise that it didn’t negatively affect sleep quality. Even slow metabolizers of caffeine should have completely metabolized that 50 mg taken in at lunch time by the time they go to bed!