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Comments by pete_farrow
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    I think the easiest way to put your mind at risk is to purchase a dual blood glucose and ketone monitor. The ketone strips are quite expensive, but you will have them once purchased. Irrespective of that particular polymorphism, you have a large combination of other genes that also change the outcome. Also, if you have previously done a 72 hour fast with no hunger, I would assume that this is because you are generally insulin sensitive and your body is already accustomed to ketosis.

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      Vitamin D3 (5,000 or 10,000 IU per day). Sulforaphane via broccoli sprouts. (The crop from approx 4 tablespoons of seeds per week). Collagen hydrolysate and Pure C8 MCT oil. (1 tablespoon of each with my butter coffee). Turmeric. (One tablespoon every other day or so in a butter coffee)

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        Hi Steve Crohns is a tricky one as there isnt a lot of info out there. What we do know is the gut is by far the fastest regenerating organ in the body, i think its something like evrry 2 weeks you have a new gut! A few things spring to mind, ill just fire them out! A varied diet that has absolutely no additives, preservatives or anything added (ie only whole single foods) must be far better than anything that comes in a packet. So whole meats and eggs from a butcher rather than a store, no processed meats at all, whole vegetables, whole fruits, etc etc would be my first port of call! …so cutting out all and any refined foods and drinks. Glutamine has be mentioned over and over as being very good for gut restoration. Have a good varied gut microbiome, ie a range of fiber from different fruits and veggies each day, particularly later in the day. Cutting your eating (and drinking anything that isnt water) window down to 10 hours a day will set your body into repaire mode for the other 14 hours. Taking garlic daily and using ACV before meals will also help keep any lower gut bacteria from climbing up from the lower part of your gut to the higher more acidic part closer to your stomach, or will fix if they already have! Reduce processed fats, ie margarine and cheap nasty commercial oils and swap with more whole real fats like grass fed butter, cold pressed extra virgin coconut and olive oil for your fats. Good sleep ever night! Hope this helps!