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Comments by Litra
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    I typically intermittent fast/TRE regularly (only feeding between the hours of 10am-7pm) but just found out that I’m pregnant. As of yet, I haven’t felt much change in appetite (I eat a low carb, whole food diet based on low carb leafy greens and veggies, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, avocados, MCT oil, etc) but wonder if it is contraindicated somehow to continue to time restrict when I feed. Did you continue to follow your time restricted eating habits while your were pregnant? Based on the many podcasts I’ve been listening to, it doesn’t sound like I need to change much about the content of my food, just increase the caloric content in a few months by a few hundred calories. If I can handle it, I don’t see why I’d alter my eating window. Just curious on your thoughts, Dr. Patrick. Thanks, Elizabeth