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Comments by bababooie
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    All the more reason to make natto a daily addition to a healthy diet. It is a great source of PQQ as well as vitamin K2, beneficial bacteria and fiber for the gut biome. It is cheaper than supplements, easy to prepare and after a period of adjustment quite tasty. For those unable to acquire a taste for natto I find putting a package in a smoothie or soup really tones down the flavor and texture that some find unpleasant.

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      I eat natto daily and enjoy it.

      Honestly, i do not understand the resistance to natto as it seems like a legitimate superfood.

      I hope Rhonda will comment on daily natto…

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        Do you mind sharing a recipe?

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          I eat natto directly from the styrofoam clamshell package, with a fork. I sometimes stir in the mustard that is packaged with it, sometimes not. I never use the soy syrup, also in the package.

          I guess some people find natto unappetizing but I cannot understand that. I like it.

          It has micro-nutrients beyond the vitamin K2-MK7.

          I eat 30 to 45 grams most every day.

          You’ll have to find an Asian market to buy it. Experiment with the various brands. I think you’ll like it.

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      Why not just eat natto daily?