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    Dr Longo has commercialized his research and one must pay a pretty penny to use his product.

    Josh Mitteldorf has an article that talks about his take on it with a link to recipes derived from the macros in the research paper.

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      Do you know why the supplementation with Spirulina had this affect? Is it the micro nutrients and or variety of minerals they provide that seems to help the immune system or something else entirely?

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        It is probably more than just micronutrients. Polysaccharides, phycocyanin, glycolipids and sulfolipids identified the spirulina platensis increase immunity by enhancing bone marrow reproduction, growth of thymus and spleen and biosynthesis of serum proteins. The spirulina also has been shown to have antiviral mechanisms possibly by inhibiting the virus from attaching and penetrating to cell membranes and thus cannot infect the cell.

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          C-Phycocyanin; the molecule that pinpoints NADPH oxidase as central to disease processes and its inhibition now therapeutic.

          I really did not see this coming, I though Spirulina would have just been some hippy thing to consume for the B12 that is kinda healthy (like chlorella turned out to be) but then C-Phycocyanin showed up and rocked my world.

          I love this compound.

          And yes, there is a study saying this can reduce arsenic buildup in the body. Guess what compound actually has evidence for detoxification rather than just being needlessly said to ‘detoxify’? This guy.

          Kurtis Frank

          (the above is quoted from the page in question)