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    Apologies for the long block.of text. I couldn’t figure out how to add paragraphs on the mobile site. The problem I’m having is I have #MTHFR and #PEMT and 3 others for issues with choline, 4 for vitamin D, the reduced beta carotene conversion AND the reduced ALA conversion. But I also have multiple SNPs for increased diabetes 2, negative effects on blood glucose and insulin levels and other issues in the presence of saturated fat, including more than one for obesity associated with saturated fat and negative affects for saturated fat. Basically as far as I can see I need to keep saturated fat low, but choline high I can’t find any practitioner in the UK that even appears to understand this complex problem. So here I am trying to figure it all out on my own. If it was just one thing it would be easy, but trying to work out all the interactions is hard. Also got the may be harmed by vitamin e supplements and the form of MTRR that is very negative combined with the type of MTHR I have. Turns out my husband has the most problematic MTHFR. I am however so incredibly grateful for your work as this explains the many health problems I have and the severe crash in health, from a position of already being quite ill, I had when I hit menopause. It all makes sense. Thank you.