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Folate deficiency leads to harmful chromosome abnormalities causing cells to inherit the incorrect amount of DNA and can even lead to the loss of an entire chromosome.

Folate is high in dark leafy greens. Folate has long been known to be important for the production of new DNA because it is important for making a DNA nucleotide called thymine. It has also been shown to play an important roll in cell division (called mitosis) but this new study sheds light on a potential mechanism for why it is important for proper chromosomal segregation during cell division.

This study analyzed the part or area of the genome called FRAXA, which contains an extensive so-called CGG sequence, a genetic code. Folate deficiency caused abnormalities in cells with an abnormally long CGG sequence and how the entire X chromosome became unstable in cases of long exposure to folate deficiency.

Folate is high in dark leafy greens like chard, kale, spinach, etc.

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