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This biomarker (called glial fibrillary acidic protein) is released upon injury to the brain and can stay in the bloodstream for up to a week and may possibly eliminate the need for radiation-exposing CT scans.

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    While this is a wonderful break through the issue will be the average person has no clue how just one childhood CT-Scan affects your probability of adult cancer(esp Thyroid). This test costs close to 1000 dollar’s and I don’t know any insurance company that will paying for it. So for now the article and information should be geared towards the continued effort to explain the clinical significance of concussions. If you want to make an insurance company pay for something they term experimental. Give them the future costs of having that childhood CT-Scan , future costs of the medication that most men are on after 50 y/o because they think there depressed, they have a lack of drive and an inability to multitask. Add there sleep pattern has changed which most likely has them on a RX sleep aid. Great info but this is the research that leads to change with other significant statistic’s. Dr. Patrick and her co workers are leading the way to giving people the information they need to get and stay healthy. We need to help them take it to the next step. Which is getting health insurance companies aware pay now or really pay later. She (they) can’t do it all.