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Older adults were asked to complete twice-weekly aerobic and strength training for 12 weeks. Some participants were advised to consume a healthier diet during the exercise training. Other participants were given two grams of omega-3-rich oil from Calanus finmarchicus. The investigators also evaluated a control group of participants who did not exercise, change their diet, or take the supplement. The investigators measured the activity of sirtuin enzymes 1, 3, and 5 in the blood.

All three groups who completed the exercise training had significant increases in the activity of sirtuin enzymes 1 and 3. Participants who completed the exercise training and also followed a healthy diet plan had the greatest increase in sirtuin activity compared to the control group. The activity of sirtuin enzyme 5 did not change significantly for any group.

The authors stated that their report is the first to demonstrate the effects of chronic exercise and healthy eating on sirtuin activity.

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