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    @carlsonbjj This is very interesting…I’m going to try to get access to this paper. If it find anything, I’ll post it.

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      I would be interested to see some concrete findings too.

      Yasko goes on about Comt(+/+) individuals having reduced tolerance to methyl donors. Maybe greater mood swings?

      I’ve also seen Rich Van Konynenburg (on the Phoenix Rising forums) claim that a couple of his patients over-supplemented methylation supplements to the point they were clearing homocysteine so fast that their sulfation pathways were running dry.

      Myhill seems to say that (for example) B12 is safe to the point you’d have to drown in it first… Although I’ve seen worries about mobilising metals to the brain or it getting oxidised (but then read enough and you’ll see every possible worry, it seems).

      Personally, I felt that I ran into a limit with SAMe supplementation, but thought that was probably the sulphur aspect, having BHMT mutations and measured high cysteine, taurine, etc.