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    Since Dr. Sinclair can’t state which products he knows are good sources of supplements and products, can Dr. Patrick help us out on this front??

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      I wish I knew how important this was earlier. I store my NMN sublingual powder in the fridge, but there have definitely been days where it’s sat out overnight or for several hours during the day. So now am I poisoning myself? Is there any way to know if it has gone bad?

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        He never clarified what a ‘stabilized’ form of NMN would look like. What would one look for to see if what they’re taking is stabilized and is there a way to tell if the NMN has gone ‘off’? Many thanks in advance!

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          I found this enlightening. I wonder what % of supplements are already degraded once they are shipped to customers and if in fact some may be doing more hard than good.