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Researchers have discovered that antibiotics have an unwanted impact on the microorganisms that live in an animal’s gut that’s more broad and complex than previously known. A study has helped to explain these processes, which are now believed to affect everything from the immune system to glucose metabolism, food absorption, obesity, stress and behavior.

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    @carlsonbjj “The issues are rising in importance, since 40% of all adults and 70% of all children take one or more antibiotics every year…” OMG. I had no idea that half the country takes antibiotics once a year. Also, many people can’t afford to eat organic and are eating meat loaded with antibiotics which is, undoubtedly, affecting the ecosystem in the gut. I’ve been doing research on the gut microbiome and will be doing a couple of vids on them very soon.

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      I wonder how long-lasting the damage to the intestinal epithelium is.

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        Gearing up to do some podcasts on the gut…One prob is after wiping out microbes, it is really hard to get new ones into the mucin…usu they just flow through and is why probiotics have to continually be taken…trying to figure way around this.