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Google Genomics: a cloud computing service, connecting and comparing genomes by the thousands, and soon by the millions, is what’s going to propel medical discoveries for the next decade.

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    Where would we get our genome sequenced in order to take advantage of this?

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      You can get your DNA Sequenced at 23andMe.com it costs about $99 US

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        I already did that, but that isn’t a full sequence and can you really upload a partial to this?

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          That’s correct… 23andMe only hits common SNPs. I’d be also veru curious to hear of someones actual rubber-meets-the-road experience getting full sequencing done.

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            I was a bit disappointed they didn’t test some important ones like GSTM1. I would be really curious as to the result of some like that.

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              23andMe focuses on common SNPs and particular ones associated with disease. Whole genome sequencing is getting cheaper, right now it is close to $2,000. I’m not sure I want google to have my genome info though, lol.