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    I am 77.5 years old, with a BMI of 24.8 Heart attack and stent fitted 8 years ago. Voluntarily stopped all drugs 6 years ago. No car, walk a fair bit and ballroom dance.

    After watching a variety of Rhonda’s videos, about 3 weeks ago, started taking multivitamins/minerals supplements and cod liver oil capsules.

    Probable age-related symptoms are affecting my capabilities, with stiffness, joint pain and fatigue reaching levels of concern.

    Videos on gut microbiome and fasting lead me to decide to pursue alternate day fasting - for [what’s left of my] life.

    My diet is quite balanced - no meat, only fish - vegetable stir fry [in olive oil] - fruit - oatmeal biscuits and butter - dark chocolate.

    I eat until 8:00 pm, then fast [no food at all, only water] until 8:00 pm the next evening. Then I eat from 8:00 pm until 8:00 pm the next day. I’ve repeated this and am on my 4th day of eating now. The fasting days are a real issue, which is gradually improving, but I don’t feel too great - especially for the last couple of hours.

    I’ve lost a couple of pounds in weight, but the most wonderful thing so far is a fantastic feeling of well being and great reduction in fatigue - I can really stride out when I’m walking and get quite aerobic. Also my joint pain has decreased and I’m feeling pretty good.

    I can assure you that at my age these effects are real and not psychosomatic.

    Hope this might give others food for thought.