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During the study period of March 15 through April 19, 2020, out of 3,556 hospitalized patients with diagnosis of COVID-19 infection, 32 patients (0.9%) had imaging-proven ischemic stroke. They compared those 32 patients admitted with stroke and COVID-19 to those admitted only with stroke (46 patients) and found that the patients with COVID-19:

tended to be younger, average age of 63 years vs. 70 years for non-COVID stroke patients; had more severe strokes, average score of 19 vs. 8 on the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; had higher D-dimer levels, 10,000 vs. 525, which can indicate significant blood clotting; were more likely to be treated with blood thinners, 75% vs. 23.9%; were more likely to have a cryptogenic stroke in which the cause is unknown, 65.6% vs. 30.4%; and were more likely to be dead at hospital discharge, 63.6% vs. 9.3%. Conversely, COVID-19 stroke patients were less likely than those stroke patients without the novel coronavirus to have high blood pressure (56.3% vs. 76.1%) or to have a prior history of stroke (3.1% vs. 13%).

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